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Lina will initially carry out a detailed consultation on the purpose and size of the proposed sculpture. Following this, she will provide a proposed budget, time scales and installation procedures, including an evaluation of where the art will be sited.

She will then typically produce drawings or a maquette for the sculpture. This is followed by client inspection prior to casting.

Current commission

Historical resuscitation plaques

Plaques 1.jpg

Vitalograph commissioned Lina to produce a series of plaques illustrating ancient resuscitation methods.  They were modelled in clay and cast in Portland stone.  A fascinating variety of techniques for resuscitation of the dead and near-dead have been employed by mankind down through the ages, even from the earliest of times. She is modeling 12 reliefs to illustrate scenes taken from a former exhibition in the Museum of Science and industry in Chicago. The figures were originally moulded in wax and stood around one foot high. They were a popular exhibit until 1963 when they were lost in a fire and never replaced. My client’s brief was to restore these historical techniques in the form of reliefs. There will be five sets of 12 different resuscitation methods which will be distributed to the client’s subsidiary companies around the world.

Plaques 2.jpg

Lina says: "I found the research aspect of my current commission to be very interesting.  I used life models for accurate anatomy, however I also tried to make the reliefs as close as possible to the tiny photos I had found of the wax figures in the Chicago Museum which are the only 3D record of these historical techniques."

Plaques 3.jpg

Some previous commissions

Two large figures

The clients wanted to have two large figures to complement their garden design.   Lina  discussed their requirements and produced sketches and maquettes prior to building the pieces.


Company logo

Vitalograph, a global leader in respiratory expertise, wanted an outdoor sculpture logo for their UK headquarters, to mark their 50th year in business.  

12.  logo night.JPG
9. commission for offices.JPG
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